Building a shared world: Mapping distributional to model-theoretic semantic spaces

The introduction of this papers is fascinating. The complementarity mentioned in the introduction has been in my mind for a while:

In recent years, the complementarity of distributional and formal semantics has become increasingly evident… A number of proposals have emerged from these considerations, suggesting that an overarching semantics integrating both distributional and formal aspects would be desirable…

Another interesting part of the paper is its section 4.2, when the authors introduce their definition of ‘model-theoretic spaces’:

Ontologies can be represented in various ways, but in this paper, we assume they are formalised in terms of sets of entities… In our account, we do not have an a priori model of the world: we wish to infer it from our observation of language data

In the next paragraphs, the authors precisely defined their ‘model-theoretic spaces’. The article is worth to reading.

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