Let over Lambda

I am reading “Let over Lambda”. Amazing how truly is the comments and the words on the back cover. This book is really for Common Lisp developers with very solid background. I am still in Section 5.3, some part demands 1-2 days for real understanding. The problem isn’t the text, actually, the book is very well-written, but the code blocks are hard to grasp: macros that define macros that define macros and so on…

I hope to update this post with more specific comments from my experiences through the book. So far, two observations:

Don’t try to use SBCL for run the code. The way that SBCL encodes backquotes is incompatible with the code from Chapter 3. More in this question of Stackoverflow. I didn’t find any information about it in the official book website.

I haven’t investigated it further but it looks like CCL does not handle very well the read-time conditionalization:

  (defvar test (counter-class))
  (funcall test)
  (funcall test))

That is, the selection of no feature - one method to comment the following expression. I am still investigating this issue since it only appeared when I loaded the code using an ASDF system definition and quicklisp. Comments are welcome.