Semantic Links for Portuguese

We have presented the paper Semantic Links for Portuguese in the LREC 2016. As we already know, the paper is not the end of this work, possible the contrary of that. We already know some improvements needed and some related works that we sill have to analyse. This post is to register these information and list possible future works for the article.

Thanks, Diana Santos for suggesting me the works:

  • Medeiros, José Carlos, Rui Marques & Diana Santos. Português Quantitativo, Actas do 1.o Encontro de Processamento de Língua Portuguesa (Escrita e Falada) - EPLP’93, (Lisboa, 25-26 de Fevereiro de 1993).
  • Alina Villalva, Estruturas Morfológicas, thesis, Lisboa, 1994.
  • The thesis “A complementação da forma nominalizada deverbal sufixal e a conceituação do complemento nominal” by Rosa Marina de Brito Meyer, see thesis.
  • Articles in PROPOR or EBRALC or ELC from Violeta Quertal.

We still need more experiments with corpora. Possible verifying the cases of zero-derivational words. We can use a generator of verbs forms (conjugator) for help with the annotation of candidates.

We have cases like the verb ‘aparecer’ and its nominalizations: ‘aparição’, ‘aparecimento’ and ‘aparência’. All of them must be in the resource for sure. Words as ‘coberta’ and ‘cobertura’ should be also in the resource, but what about the less frequent ones?

Ambiguities versus fine-grained classification. The semantic links ação and resultado do make sense in Portuguese? If the introduce too many classes (using classes from other languages), we are creating a problem, not dealing with one real problem.

Valeria has also posted recently about our work with nominalizations.