Project Ideas

Knowledge Representation via ACE

Following the article, we can think in a lot of possible extensions. For Portuguese support, we would need to develop the Portuguese concrete syntax in GF. The idea of code the translation of ACE to OWL in GF would be very interesting to explore.

Learning support tools

We would like to have an environment similar to for receiving submissions of students projects.


We have an SUMO to TPTP/FOF translation in We would like to extend to TFF and later to TFF or THF. Alternatively, we can also translate to language.

Semantic Web technologies

Both systems were realised opensource, much can be done to improve them! We need Common Lisp libraries for Linked Data and related technologies:

I would be very happy to supervise a work (undergrad or masters) to develop such libraries in Common Lisp.

Lisp library for metadata extraction

Contribute to projects like and to improve both library and the hability to handle IIM-style IPTC fields, EXIF fields and XMP metadata.