reading list

the authors suggest a basian network to map ERG predicates to propbank and verbnet predicates.

The description of the LOGON transfer system for machine translation and the SEM-I (semantic interface) for a grammar.

WordNet::Similarity is a freely available software package that makes it possible to measure the semantic similarity or relatedness between a pair of concepts.

Links for articles about RMRS and MRS. Description of the RMRS to DMRS conversion. Link to the article about EDS.

  1. Argument labelling is thus quite different from PropBank (Palmer et al., 2005) role labelling despite the unfortunate similarity of the PropBank naming scheme.
  2. In principle, at least, we could (and should) systematically link the ERG to FrameNet, but this would be a form of semantic enrichment mediated via the SEM-I (cf Roa et al. (2008)), and not an alternative technique for argument indexation.

Reference to syntatic `discriminants` Carter 1997. The paper presents the MRS to EDS transformation and discussions about the discriminant-based treebanking.

  1. Handle constraints of the form hi =q hj (‘equal modulo quantifier insertion’) in an MRS express that either the two are equal or that hi outscopes hj , i.e. formally that the formula depicted by hj is a subformula of the formula depicted by hi.