Advising and Mentoring

Alessandra Corrêa

Alessandra is a dual degree student in Law and Applied Mathematics at FGV. While in Law School, she spent a semester at New York University (NYU) and received a research scholarship to study cognitive biases in the behavior of judges. Now, at EMAp, she is taking part in a research to develop a system that is able to pass the OAB Exam.

Bruno Cuconato

Bruno is a MSc student at EMAp/FGV. he likes programming languages and logic, and is currently working at a Portuguese computational grammar under the GF formalism.

Flávia Martins

Flávia works at IBM and I am mentoring her in a project. Our goal is to annotate DHBB corpus in Watson Knowledge Studio.

Guilherme Passos

Guilherme Paulino Passos is a Master’s student in Computer Science at PESC/COPPE, under co-supervision of Alexandre Rademaker and supervision of Gerson Zaverucha. Guilherme is working in the formal representation of syntactical analyses of natural language, for improving the quality of linguistic datasets and detecting errors in data-driven parsing. In the past, he worked with Alexandre in projects on Formal Verification of Description Logics, and Computational Semantics. Guilherme holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and his interests include Artificial Intelligence & Law, Natural Language Understanding, Logical and Relational Machine Learning, and Knowledge Representation and Reasoning.

Henrique Muniz

Henrique is an undergrad student at EMAp/FGV and intern at IBM Research. He had worked with many projects related to NLP: (a) a Common Lisp library for processing CoNLL-U files; (b) web interface for the DHBB data visualization; (c) wordnet expansion for Geo Science domain. Currently at IBM we will work on projects related with information extraction for specific domains.

Pedro Delfino

Pedro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, we are working on the developing of a system to pass in the OAB Exams.

Vitória Guardieiro

Vitória is an undergrad student at EMAp/FGV, she is working with KR and reasoning.